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Mark Tremonti More News From Tremonti...
Posted on 06-07-2003 at 08:34 PM

A CreedFeed'er who met Mark has posted some interesting news Mark mentioned during the last meet & greet...

#1. Mark said that Creed was not aware of the Skynyrd tribute CD and they are DEF. NOT doing this.

#2 Scott and he are both hard at work writing new material. And Scott P. is busy with the new baby coming.

#3 Mark added, that if all goes as planned the new CD will hit stores next Sept. 04.

#4 About Brett on the new album......it's still
questionable. They don't know yet.

#5 About his solo album.....he's not sure if he really wants to do this yet. Working on things, but not sure he wants to put out the solo album.

#6 A B-side album....they hope to and want to do one, but is not sure when and if they will.

#7 He said to look for Submursed's CD in January 04. They've all worked very hard on this CD and he's excited and proud of it. Art work for the CD just came back...looks good.

#8 He is doing more meet and greets and hopes to add even more to his schedule....he is def. doing Chicago and hopes to add Philly to the list.

#9 They try not to read about themselves, in books, mags online etc....because its not usually accurate and he gets really angry with it. So he usually avoids this stuff.

#10 Metallica Icon...."that was such a joke. We been asked to do a lot of cool things...but right now we are just vacationing and stuff. "

#11 Why they changed the original "one" riff...cause the band couldn't decide on one specific way to do it.. so they changed it around till they found one that made them all happy--so to speak.

#12 Mark does NOT own an original Blue Collar cd...in case you want to give him a gift.

#13 He's NOT getting a tattoo.

#14 Hates to sit around, so he's doing the meet and greets.

#15 He hasn't played in front a people for a bit, and he misses the fans.

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