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Creed News Creed Doing Well In Asia
Posted on 02-01-2003 at 12:27 PM

Creed has been doing very well in Asia this past year. Here is a list of many accomplishments the band has made in that continent:

  • Creed was nominated for Best Rock Act for the 2003 MTV Asia Award (Linkin Park won)

  • My Sacrifice was voted as part of the top 20 Videos for 2002 in Asia - #13

  • Scott Stapp was voted best front man through an MTV Asia SMS show

  • MTV Asia has a triple play request line that requires three videos to have similarities in order for the videos to be played and Creed's OLB and My Sacrifice had been requested a lot in 2002.

  • OLB did make the top ten chart on MTV Philippines in 2002.

  • Hide was heard on the radio in the Philippines

  • All news reported by CUPID (creedpits asian source) and originally found on CreedPit.com

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