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Creed Say I
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Interesting Tremonti interview

Maybe I'm a bit slow and haven't cruised for a while, but stumbled accross this Tremonti interview. Quite a good read and mighty interesting with all the rumours / gossip / speculation surrounding Creeds future.

Interview dated 7th October.
Mark Has had an Interview With radio station 102.1 The Edge Dallas joining him was Jeff Lanehan from PRS Guitars, some key notes of the interview Mark stated Side projects are NOT happening, he has been taking time out producing and learning engineering. Feb they will be back into the studio for Creed's 4th album. The FULL Transcript

Joining us right now in the studio is Mark Tremonti of Creed and also Jeff Lanehan of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. How are you doing guys? M: What’s happening?

Welcome to Dallas
M: Thank you very much.

Huge night tonight at the Guitar Center. What’s going on? What are you here in town promoting?
M: Well we have a guitar, a Korean version of the guitar that we have from Paul Reed Smith that’s doing very well in the States here and we’re just on a little tour to promote it.

And Jeff how did you hook up with Mark? How did you guys get together on this? J: Basically Mark uh..
Came crawling to the doorstep of…
J: No actually we worked together developing a model, a new model guitar that was you know similar to what Mark had been playing and he felt comfortable with and went forward from there, what’s sort of like his dream guitar technically and created a model.

And that’s something that people will actually be allowed to buy tonight and then you’ll be signing those at Guitar Center?
M: Yeah we’ll sign that or CDs or whatnot…

And everybody and their brother is invited to come out.
M: Of course

And just to make sure that people are aware, Mark Tremonti of Creed is going to be out at the Guitar Center tonight, that’s at 7:30 at *GC Address* And then, there was something else I wanted to ask you and I’m trying to find it right here. Have you heard, this is insanity, I’ve had like 327 emails from Creednet Creed.com CreedINK, you have fans of the Creed Army of the United Arab Emirates. *Mark chuckles* Are you familiar with…
M: Nah nah, I haven’t met any of the fans from there, it’s great.

It’s amazing MarkTremonti.net (Webmaster note: DJ got confused, she was meant to mention Tremonti.net instead). That’s where I got a lot of the information that was I was gonna ask you here today and so I wanted to make sure I gave them some props, cause it’s like 2 in the morning there and they’re listening and then we have people in Illinois, Alaska, Georgia, New York City. I’m still getting questions for you. Is that amazing
M: It is, it is.

Or is that weird, you’re a human being, but also you’re a famous human being and people are just throwing themselves at you.
M: Yeah it’s weird just because we’ve been off the road for about 8 months, we haven’t really been in the scenes, this year with all the stuff that’s been going on, it’s cool, you know, it’s different.

Well I wanted to ask you, I was reading something, was there an incident, I’m not sure when this was, I mean, Creed has sold millions or records but there was a moment where you questioned your ability so you decided to get back into class, it was something to do with Buddy Guy?
M: Back into class… No, no, I played with Buddy Guy one night but I’m actually taking courses now for engineering.

Oh wow.
M: But um..

Do you know somebody named Troy?
M: Oh Troy Stetina. Yeah Troy Stetina, he’s a buddy of mine, I looked up a lot to him when I was a kid, he’s a guitar phenom.

He’s listening.
M: Yeah. What up

He gave me some dish. He said make sure to give that boy hell and ask him about his drumming tendencies. Apparently you’re a drummer with a hummer?
M: Oh yeah I’m learning to play the drums too. Yeah Troy, I looked up a lot to him when I was younger we hung out and you know he came down to Florida a couple times and showed me some things. Um he’s got a band going and I tell them my ideas about their song ideas and whatnot, we just help each other out, you know.

He said your catchphrase was “Do It Again, Do It Again”.
M: Yeah I’m a nitpicker.

He actually has an EP and people can get that through his website
M: Yeah I think so.
And then you’re also wearing the producer’s hat and there’s a Texas connection for a band called SubmerseD.
M: Yeah in January, I produced a band called SubmerseD – co produced with Kirk Kelsey uh for about 3 or 4 months and their album’s due out January.

And they’re actually playing here. I’ve got a date for them. Submersed is gonna be playing with another Dallas band called Edgewater, it’s gonna be at the Curtain Club on November 5th, is there any chance you’ll come in for that?
M: Um I’ll probably be in the studio writing the next Creed record.

M: Yeah I’ve been travelling around Florida catching all their shows in Florida so uh they’re getting better and better. I mean they’re gonna be the next big rock band, I believe.

And what is the status for the next Creed record?
M: Uh. Hopefully we’ll get in the studio by next February or March and get a record out hopefully by September.

And I keep hearing rumblings on a possible Mark Tremonti solo record, that you were thinking about it but you’re not really sure what’s going on with that…
M: Um nah, I mean on the internet some of the kids thought that just because there was so much time taken off and I wanted to continue – keep staying busy. In my downtime, I just produced the record and just trying to learn the engineering, a few other things, but no solo project

Well let me play a little Creed. Can you hang out for a second?
M: Sure

And then we can take a few of these questions, I’ve got only 300 to get through here. Here is Creed, this is Are You Ready on 1021 The Edge…
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Creed Say I
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Part 2

Part II:

"Are You Ready" ends...

Are you ready for all of these emails? We’re in the studio this afternoon with Mark Tremonti the guitar player for Creed and also we’ve got Jeff Lanehan with Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Now you’re gonna be at Guitar Center tonight at 7:30 to promote 1 or is it 2 new guitars in the line. What…
Jeff: Actually there’s 2 different models. There’s US Made Mark Tremonti Model which is the model Mark actually uses himself live and then also there’s a Korean made model that’s a little less expensive – it’s a entry level thing to get people into the blind (?) then we go from there.

Do you realise that there’s probably gonna be millions of people there based on the 3 – I’m sorry – 400 emails I’ve gotten so far?
M: That’d be great

What now are you prepared to stay there all night? You’ll get there at 7:30 what time will you close this thing down?
M: I think we go about 2 hours right?
J: 2 hours but typically Mark doesn’t like to leave anybody standing.

Right, um I’ve gotten so many emails let me ask you this. This is from Tresa in Abilene. How do you choose which guitars go on the road with you and do you have extra security for them?
M: Um ah actually just Ernie my guitar tech he watches them, he kinda puts them in a case while we’re not performing and I take about 8 guitars out on the road with us. And uh no extra security they’re the 8 guitars that are always there

Oh wait, I had another question for you too. Joey Fatone of NSync – have you heard about this? Do you have a love for NSync at all.
M: No actually all those guys live in our town

Do you know them?
M: No I don’t really know them. But I see him around town.

Do you know he’s doing a tribute record to you?
M: *laughs* Is he really?

He’s doing a collection of songs to bands that he loves and Creed is one of them. He’s decided that he’s gonna honour Higher with a song called Can You Change My Tire?
M: Alright. Cool

So any chance we might hear you doing anything special on that?
M: Uh I don’t know. We’re a little busy right now.

I hear that, so the Creed record coming out…
M: Hopefully September next year.

And I guess it’s too soon to ask about a tour. Sometimes bands like to go on the road to test drive material, would you be considering anything like that? M: I would love to if there’s talk of rehearsing and doing some New Years – a couple of New Years shows. But ah other than that, we’ll probably just be busy writing and producing the record.
Creed was here just like 2 years ago to do the Thanksgiving Day game for the Cowboys. Is there any chance you’ll be able to do that again any time soon?
M: Um I’m not sure. You know we really haven’t for the last 8 months – we put all business on the backburner and now we’re just getting back into it. We have really no plans except for just taking our time and getting this next record written.

And I got an email from somebody from Georgia uh Corey. And he wanted to ask you, are you working with somebody named Bill Peck? You producing or is he recording…(trails off)
M: Bill is just a friend of mine from Orlando who I ran into, who always would say – he had a Morley endorsement and asked me if I’d jam with him. And one day we got together and played guitar. He’s just an incredible player. So we just hang out all the time and ah we’ve got different styles so it’s just good to play with people with different styles you can always learn from everybody.

And is there anybody else that you’ve worked with or you wanna work with to sort of hone in on their style?
M: Um there’s a band in Orlando called Endorphine that I’m really digging and Adam their guitar player is another guy that we – you know me and Eric from Submersed, Bill and Adam will get together, just hang out at the house, put on some backing tracks and just solo for a couple hours every night you know.

And is there any chance when you guys are working on the new Creed record, is that gonna be wholly Creed or is there any chance that you may be collaborating with any other artist on it?
M: No I mean a Creed record will just be a Creed record.

Ok cool. Jeff did you want to tell us any more about the models of the guitars that he’s gonna be signing and talking about tonight at the Guitar Center.
J: Yeah tonight Mark will be doing a private Meet & Greet from 7 to 7:30 for people who have purchased Tremonti model guitars, either model he’ll be meeting them personally in a pre public tape thing in a private room. Then after that he’s going to be doing the public thing and like we said it’s scheduled like 2 hours but Mark don’t like to leave people standing so it will go to the last person.

And if you’re just tuning in, Mark is gonna be at the Guitar Center at *address* it starts at 7 for people who have bought the guitar. 7:30 for anything else.
M: Right

Right on well thank you so for coming in and welcome back to Dallas (M: Thank you very much) and when you get back to town….*conclusion* …Thank you so much and best of luck for the new Creed CD.
source- onelastriff
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that was then... but he already showed his NEW music to the creedpit people.. and he's stated that stapp is out. as much as i love creed too, its hard to say its over, but it is. at least mark and flip are still out to blow us away!
~We may RISE and FALL but in the END we'll meet our FATE together~
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luvin monti
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That was an awesome interview.

Obviously between then and now....LOTS Of things have changed! Gotta love the music business...things change by the second!!!! Thanks for sharing the interview with us!!!
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Before that interview started, the DJ also said the following... download this mp3 to hear it


The things that I've loved the things that I've lost
The things I've held sacred that I've dropped
I won't lie no more you can bet
I don't want to learn what I'll need to forget
- Audioslave, "Doesn't Remind Me"
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Hmmm. Very interesting. NSync likes Creed.

I mean... what I ment to say is that isn't the date on this interview the same date that he supposidly told fans at the meet and greet that Creed was over? Could the rumors be a ruse to hype up the new album? Could the music he showed to some people from the pit actually be from the new Creed album? With no official announcement from them, my head is spinning and I don't know what or who to believe.


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Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long
Gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

--lyrics from "One Day Too Late" by Skillet
from their new album "Awake"
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Creed Say I
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Quote: (Originally Posted by Steve) Before that interview started, the DJ also said the following... download this mp3 to hear it


AHHHHHH I listened Steve , Creedfeed gets a mention , so do load of other Creed sites. Nice to hear the Aussies get a mention

So hmmmmmm....... has anyone got a link to the new tune that many seem to have heard ?
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Hi Shaz

How are ya today
I'm a wandering soul
I'm still walking the line that leads me home
All I know
I still got mountains to climb
on my own

Enough To Let Me Go-Switchfoot
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Bridge of Clay
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yeah, that ***** said marktremonti.net, instead of Tremonti.net where she got all the info. And the mention about EAU, she was talking about Puj! lol!

Puj got pissed at her for a whole month! (He runs tremonti.net along with sal)
.:: "If people don't like guitar solos... then they're frikkin' stupid!" - Mark Tremonti ::.
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Steve--is that MP3 legal, or will the RIAA take me away for downloading it?


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i need a couple of hours to read it
Is that what you call a getaway?
Tell me what you got away with
B/c i've seen more spine in jellyfish
and ive seen more guts on 11 year old kids.
Have another drink and drive yourself home
I hope theres ice on all the roads
and think of me when you forget your seatbelt
and again when your head goes through the windshield.
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Ohh man I remember spending ages transcribing that interview....
Teen Cute

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I'm really confused. I just don't get it.
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