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01/11/2005 - Huntsville, AL - Von Braun Center

Post your reviews here.

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This was my second Alter Bridge concert. It was a shitload of fun, lemme tell ya.

First off, venue wise, it was pretty cool at the VBC South Hall (which is basically a huge room), but it wasn't quite as cool as the Roxy in Atlanta. What can you expect though, right? =)

Submersed just blew me away, again. They really rock it out, and I love them. I bought the CD on my way out. I just couldn't help myself. I've been listening to it ever since.

Silvertide came on after Submersed, and I wasn't too impressed with their style of music. Musically, I'll admit, they were talented, and they had it together a lot better than Crossfade did. I'd say from a technical standpoint, they were better than Crossfade, but I could at least stomach Crossfades tunes. Silvertide played a song called "So F*ckin Crazy" and I decided right there that it was retarded. Didn't like them or their emo ladies jeans. Anyways moving onward...

Alter Bridge, as usual, kicked ass right from the start. They opened with One Day Remains, and followed up with Watch Your Words. Myles sounded much healthier than he did in Atlanta, and I even thought he sounded unbelievable in Atlanta. I'll get to that later.

Watch Your Words really got our little Huntsville crowd going... I was first in line right in front of Myles and a mosh pit started behind me. A few people were getting into it.

Broken Wings was the third song, and everyone knew that one. I looked back and there were several lighters in the air, which I loved to see. I think this song was the best performance of the night, next to Metalingus.

Find the Real was number four, which was a tad off at the start, but the boys got it together towards the middle of the song. Myles absolutely NAILED every second of the big note at the end. Everyone went nuts! That part was so cool. I always thing that, if I were Myles, that one part of that one song would be the part to be most nervous about for the whole show. But that's just me.

Fifth was Burn it Down, and Myles absolutely tore that song up! It was awesome... some of the best vocals I've ever heard from him. Even Mark gave Myles a look in the middle of the song like "holy shit dude". It was awesome.

Myles started joking around about the guys a bit, and asked the crowd about Submersed, and got a pretty good response. Then he says, "What about our good friends in Silvertide?" Everyone cheered pretty nice, but there were a few boos. Then Myles says, "Boy, those guys are some snappy dressers." I died laughing. In my friend's words, "That Silvertide was worse than an all male swim meet."

Anyways, Myles started getting the crowd pepped up and Mark had to fix something with his guitar, and Myles improvised by pressuring Flip into a drum solo. Flip responds by hitting his drums really slowly with one stick and sipping a corona. Great stuff! Then he really starts playing, and they go into Metalingus. It was really cool.

Metalingus was good, as usual... probably my favorite song in the set next to Burn it Down now that I think about it.

The End is Here was number seven, and I had a headache after that song because I banged my head so hard. I absolutely love that song right at the breakdown. The guitars get be going so bad.

Everyone seemed to love Shed My Skin a lot, especially a few of the drunk guys behind me. They were all excited to hear that song for some reason. It's all good though. I liked it.

Myles then started talking about the Elektra movie, and I knew they were going to play Save Me. It was the first time I'd hear the full length song. I liked it, it was really catchy. I loved how the song ended and how they broke out with it. It was a neat song, definitely a good soundtrack song.

Next they brought out DTML... which was a pretty cool song.

Then Myles picked up a guitar, and I knew it was cover time. He started asking the crowd what they liked, and it was hilarious how "Pantera" seemed to bellow from the crowd at once. So Mark started playing (dammit now I forget the song... I think it's Cowboys From Hell, but I'm not sure.) one of the Pantera songs and stops halfway and goes "That's about all I know of ol' Pantera." It was funny. Then someone said AC/DC, and Myles brought out the opening riff for "For Those About To Rock", and they played an instrumental portion of the song, and it was really kickass. After than, they broke out "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin, and boy was that awesome. Everyone went nuts! I enjoyed it.

Now, for the encore, they had the acoustic "In Loving Memory", which Myles dedicated to all who have ever lost a loved one. It was really cool, and that song is really powerful to me too.

Mark has some more guitar problems and Myles goes "See, this is the extra stuff that you didn't pay to see, how cool is that?" They eventually break into OYE and wrap it up.

I walked with my friends and my bro out back and saw Toshi. He said he didn't play with the boys because he rolled in late and missed soundcheck, but he remembered us from Atlanta, so he brought us backstage to get water and/or food, and chat with the guys. I met Michael also, which was cool. It was kinda weird, because it was the first time I had ever introduced myself as "XenoN" lol. We got all the pictures and stuff, and I've posted them on my Xanga. I've posted a link over at Alter Bridge Talk for anyone who wants to see.

Thanks, AB, for another kickass show!
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