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Soul song

when im a sleep at nite i hear your voice calling my name i awake frozen chosen to hear your pain dont leave me my soul is left alone i feel cold as ice but my tears are as hot is lava i cant see you i can only feel you strong as a memory of song says good bye and im lost without you to guide me through im running through maze thats surunded by fear your there pushing me inn and pushing me out haunting me untill i can not see the wind reminds me the other have of me is missing it longs its to fly to overflowing wishingwell but afraid still so i remain still kindred loving warm but why so torn so cold it make me sad that something so warm is in a place so cold like time bomb ticking longing to escape and fly to were it knows it safe haunting me like the passion of and ghost of a long gone poet whos spirts lives on through another time and another song i know now i cant look back your eyes are out of sight but i feel theme cut through me nite after nite i feel arms reach for me your anger is no secret it blames it self for not seeing what its all about i feel your strife unseen and un heard how it longs to be seen for what it is on the outside from the inside buts its inside must hide from the wicked they would soon put out its light and it would just hang around and not put up fight im not holding on to tight im just holding on to what is right i wont go down without a fight to unite this hidden flame that is mystries as it is true but in way its left me blue but im always true to that which is true mistakes only become mistakes when there not understood no mistake has know one done but only what they have felt like they should if we could say more we would gain no more love than we already have,the rest is left up to fate it is not blind but hidden all words cant add up the feeling of love so strong it must be hidden so i who will write another song today will it become another secret way or another song for many to here like so many have that brings tears to some and others may not get the secret of a song or its ryme or were it was born they only know that it pulls theme inn and makes theme thing again its never ending road it seems but i will stay away from blind eyes my eyes are wide open to hidden truth in some others songs i must stay strong
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