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Quote: (Originally Posted by HR2004) thanx and whats does it remind you of?
Long Story But I Will Try To Cut It Short, Living For Today And Not Tommrow Is Harder For Some Than It is For Others Its Easier For Others To Live Day By Day than it is for others, B/c Stuff Really Eats You And Your Like Oh Lord How Can I But Then We Learn We Must Breath And We Are The Ones Thats Got To Take It One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus We Can Live In The Past Noir Can We Leap In To Tommrow FOR This Reason HE CARVED US IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS, But The One Thing Is The Peace That Were Entitled Too That Passes All Understanding We Cant Forget It Except Your Peace And Live And Learn Each Day We Need Each And Everyday To Learn And Grow Have You Ever Looked Back At On Time And Thought Im Never Gonna Make It And If You Would Have Gived Up Then Looked At What You Would Have Done, So Count Each Day As A New Day And Everyday Is Blessing, And Dont Over Look The Everyday Blessings Looking For The Big Prize, GOD BLESS YA, AND ROCKETH ON
Hush child I,ll tell you why you have Loved Me when you were weak you have given me unselfishly Kept you From Falling Falling everywhere But Your Kness you set me free to live my life you become my Reason To Survive The Great Divide you Set Me Free Ooh Our Love Is Beautiful Ooh isn,t This Beautiful Child It Seems You Have Been My Everything
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