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well i had read that recent guitar mag article about tremonti and he kinda left open the possibility of creed working again, when the reporter asked him about AB covering creed songs, i really like AB, but its not CREED, Creed was magic and AB is something different more like a tremonti guitar fest if you catch my drift where he can show off his growing guitar skills, the music itself is great and myles is a mix or cornell/incubus sounding voice which is nice but its not stapp and its not creed, every time i listen to the AB cd i just picture scott being the lead man on the majority of those songs, i think mark might have taken a lot from the 4th sessions and used them to create the AB cd you can see it alot if you listen to weathered then to one day remains, i think thats where the 4th creed cd would have been in my opinion, does anyone think that AB will last more than one cd or do you think chart ratings and show sells will effect the next AB album? and also does anyone know the deal between creed and windup and how their deal was worked and how many albums it was to include? i know some bands are forced to make a certain number of albums regardless of a split or whatever you want to call it, maybe stapp and the rest of the guys can get this solo pardon my french shit out of their systems and get to work on that 4th album soon, and i think even if it doesnt come creed would have to get high marks for being one of the most successfull but short lived bands of all time, they are electric i havent seen anything like them in the past 20 years live or on disc, im crossing my fingers for a full return all original members back in the band
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