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Quote: (Originally Posted by Creed_Defaultgirl) I am really into this version. I was wondering if someone was going to post this over here, I don't really concider this place my home anymore because of the negativaty toward my Scott, and the division between all of us. I hope that it will come out as a single available in stores, because I have fallen in love with this new version of the song. All I need is the WHOLE thing! This will do, though. Now I am very anxious for a video. The only thing I miss from the other version is his, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

I pray that this thread will stay positive, and instead of dividing ourselves, this place can find unity, love, friendship, and peace through a man that helped bring many of us together. He does not want us to fight and gripe at each other over his song, on weather it is better, worse, good, bad, awesome...Scott wrote this song to honor , you, God and to me negativity about it is defeating the purpose. In Christ's name, Amen.

Awesome Post!!! You Rock!!!
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