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Sister, that is a new perspective for me to look at those. It's amazing how a few lines can mean so many things. One way I've always looked at is, like if you are lost....or haven't been following God the way you should have, you can change directions, which heals you, and because you are healed it is proof, that if you search and try to hear him, you will hear God speak to you. Did that make sense????

Wow, Hayley, you changed your username......again.
"...My beaten heart is in your hands, What I really need is shelter, And a chance to relearn love, Teach me all over, All over to relearn love, Show me again, So I can relearn love, The comfort of your arms around me, Your tender hands caress my head, I lay beside you, I'm not worthy..."
Relearn Love~Scott Stapp

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