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Re: A Blackbird Review

Heres My official review

Ties that Bind - Lyrically its solid and can stand by itself, musically the riffs and beats are beyond Creed & ODR. Mark's playing is one that I've waited for all these years and even though in Creed he pulled some brilliant moves... something told me he was capable of more and this shows it

Come to Life - Lyrically not impressed but that could change over the years.. musically pleasing to the ears.

Brand New Start - This song goes beyond anything capable words.. it truly puts me in awe. I can't describe how I really feel about it

Buried Alive - Same as Come to Life not getting my lyrically but musically I feel it

Coming Home - Kinda of a downer.. not really what I expected because of the title.. just not feeling this one

Before Tomorrow Comes - Got me musically but lyrically not what I wanted

Rise Today - Soft while powerful, love it

Blackbird - Now this is what I call a masterpiece... I feel the love & devotion thats put into this song.. literally I feel the wind carrying me

One by One - This is what I was expecting.. nice and loud

Watch Over You - This is truly a blessing to hear, if I ever meet them I'm going to thank them for this song.. sheer brilliance

Break Me Down - I feel the sound but not the words

White Knuckles - Just how I imagine it would sound... heavy!

Wayward One - Guitar sounds good.. not to fast or to slow starting off. But sadly not lyrically there

The Damage Done - Bass all the way & guitar work powerful. Lyrics not to bad, didn't grad right off but I could get use to it

New Way to Live - Like the sound of it but its to TEIH lyrically.. never got into that song

Overall the album is a different turn from that of ODR and as time goes by these songs will find a place in each of our lives one way or another. Before I forget Scott & Myles are both par on my expectations. Rather you agree with this review is up to you.. just remember this is my opinion & I would like feedback.
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