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Re: A Blackbird Review

Quote: (Originally Posted by revisfoot) This album is completely different from One Day Remains. It is much heavier, a lot more "metal" in points, and you can tell that Myles has been given a lot more songwriting leverage; you can even hear it in "Rise Today" -- that breakdown in the bridge sounds like Myles' old stuff.

The album, in fact, does not slow down until about track 10, but even then, it picks right back up with a full-on face attack. Mark's guitar playing has really become a monster, and with both he and Myles shining through on this record, it's amazing. You can also hear Brian on this record, something that was definitely missing on ODR.

Quote: (Originally Posted by RMadd) It's definitely not as Creed-fan-friendly as ODR was.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear!!!! Now I really can't wait!!!!
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