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Re: A Blackbird Review

Quick summary of my opinon:

Its what I was expecting and hoping...

Big leap from ODR

Guitar is hard rock leaning on metal sounds. (more prevelent than ODR)

hints of 70's classic rock, metal
a small hint of 80's metal

darker tone overall but yet still somewhat postive

Rise Today is the odd song out

Good overall unifing tone through out the album. Its more album (arena) rock-orenitate less radio-orientated

Scott's druming is clearly harder, heavier, better

Brian is more notacable and that very good. He does good no matter what. (especially on track 14: The Damage Done -- almost brian all the way)

Myles vocals a lot better this time

Favs so far (all songs are good):
Blackbird (it floored me, its just mindblowing...)
Wayward One
Before Tomorrow Comes
Brand New Start

One by One seems to be tribute to the troops fighting the war...which nice and the song is awesome

(and yes I am actually going to spend money to buy the actual album when it comes out tuesday)

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