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Re: We Can Work It Out.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sasa) "AND MUCH STUDY IS A WEARINESS OF THE FLESH. It can cause being weary and overly stressed."

Hmmmm...tell me about it. I am going on about 3 hours of sleep.

I had an amazing day in spite of sleep deprivation and too much study, paperwork and meds... I was blessed and able to be a blessing.
Told you so peace be with you thanks for posting drink coffea its a fact through to studies, although I would recommend it because it is time consuming to look up all my friends refused the need of caffine and the birth of coffea beans, and where the genuine beans can be found because I , titled the commeantary from Geroge, Lucas precepts from the Star, Wars Sagas, to much paper work, can also be erelevent, please no more pen and paper, I put together my own meanings portayed to many songs. thank you Sasa, for doing the daily or just like whatever for me. I was also thinking about another username for you although now it is still erelevent, Glass Spider, from David, Bowies tour it was like 1980, something and it was a killer stage prop, unlike the ones today.
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