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We Can Work It Out.

praise JESUS thank you Sasa, for standing in where they can be no standing in, we can work it out praise Jesus if your not a mother you know of no kind of war lord knows its hard to keep theme on the same page, and JESUS, knows most of us here have enough divison on the home front to keep this war revolving that none is now getting anything out of but, nothingless we all must come together as one AS MUCH AS A NATION, does each house old and indivual can really change the world, so you can,t wait on politicans or your sheperds to do it for you Lord knows they busy enough, as these wars countinues without rest. Im going to stop for a minute and get all to think about something which IS CALLED CHANGING TIDES. When does these tides emerge? you may ask yourself and it surrounds all from every Creed, to every belief when things are in subject to change, but beware all of you, and be carefull minded not fall in the slump of the negative. THERE IS THE POSTIVE AND THE NEGATIVE. I do hope all remains focused on the smooth path that always starts out as bumpy And No to the lovley Sasa, I did not bump your thread. lets try to focus in the postive direction ITS UP TO ALL DO TO SO to come together as one, there are those which still try to divide the bible stated these beings over in CORITHIANS, as that which is done in part with the blind can only lead the blind in a ditch. as keepers of the peace love and faith we are alive IN JESUS, others are well mainly headed for the wrath of the master that none has the control over, my master said UNTO THEME, VERLIY I SAID WOE, and from what I know he meant it, and meant it 100 percent. These be the days when fear would exceed into peoples hearts and minds. BUT JESUS SAID UNTO US FEAR NOT FOR I,AM WITH THE EVEN TO THE END OF THE WORLD, HIS PROMISE TO EVERY BELIEVER, IN JESUS I,LL MAKE ALL THINGS NEW AGAIN, and gave us PROMISE OF THE GREATER WORKS. TO EVERY BELIEVER That does not depart from the living God. Which Is JESUS. JESUS TOLD HIS DISCIPLES. Where I go you can,t not always follow but where ye are I,am with the also. wonderfull precept I myself in times of trials have held on to bringing up some scriptures from THE O.T. IT WAS SPOKEN THAT THOSE OF YOU THAT BE IN BETWEEN 2 GODS, It shall be trialed by fire that only truth can withstand, and thats JESUS Over In the book Of Exdous it was spoken In his house, you will never see a kid in their mothers milk, but the leaders and the children of wisdom, for a better tommrow not repeating the mistake of the elders and traditions. PEACE BE WITH US ALL IN JESUS NAME.
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