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My Old Glory Essay

This is an essay that I wrote at the beginning of the year, about what old glory means to us. I was actually writing it just to get by so I could go to a flag burning education thing. Y'know the proper way to burn the American Flag. Well, anyway, it was enough to get by, and once we got to the thing, the guy that was announcing stuff called out the winners, who got money, and then the honorable mentions. For some reason, I guess they thought my essay was good enough to be an honorable mention, so they announced my name. I guess if they thought it was that good, that's a good thing, right!?!? Odd, but cool. I guess I'll put it on here, and see if it's really that good, because I didn't think it was.

When I think of Old Glory, I think of a beaten flad declaring victory. I remember the lives lost in the twin towers, Pentigon, and on flight 93. I see the rows of crosses going each direction at the Arlington National Cemetary. I think of all of our freedoms, and those who fought for it. I think about my religious rights.
In our country, people are willing to risk their lives to keep it a free place. This doesn't only go for soldiers. It also refers to the law enforcment and other peace keeping bodies or individuals. Someone who protects others, serves under the flag, or goes behind enemy lines I beleive should be well respected. They do a very important job in our society. These people stand along the side of the country, duty, and patriotism.
We as Americans don't know what it is like to not be free. Only a few who have come from other countries may know of how it is not being free. For those of us born and raised, we don't usualy think of the tings we do daily and not think of what costs it has taken to have that freedom. Maybe that is something we should take in mind more often.
I also think of things in our country I feel have gone too far. For example, a part of the first Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respeting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exersize there of; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press..." So if this is true, why areChristians being asked to stop the sermons that play on the radio and television? Why do people make a big deal if we talk of Jesus at school or in any public place? We have just as much a right to practice our religion as any other groups in the U.S.

Now that I look back, I see so many things that I could reword or change to make it better, plus make a thesis for it!
"...My beaten heart is in your hands, What I really need is shelter, And a chance to relearn love, Teach me all over, All over to relearn love, Show me again, So I can relearn love, The comfort of your arms around me, Your tender hands caress my head, I lay beside you, I'm not worthy..."
Relearn Love~Scott Stapp
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