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I went to Church today

Yes, I went to a local Baptist Church this morning for the 10am service. I feel so proud of myself, I have never step foot inside a church in my whole life, not even to a wedding, or on a school trip. I went with a friend, she said that she wanted me to experiance what it was like hearing a Pastor speak, and hearing what people had to say, I was very curious, and I enjoyed myself alot. It was a very interesting experience, as right now in my life I am not sure what I believe in, I don't know if there is a God, a Heaven, or a Hell. I have been like this for awhile, and I'm not sure what it is that's out there.

Going to Church will broaden what I think of whatever is out there, and make
myself feel good inside. Next Sunday I am going to another one of my friends Churches, and the weekend after that. Just to see what it's like, and if I really like it and I start feeling more for God, then I probably will attend every weekend, who knows.

I'm proud Just wondering, how many of you here attend church regularly?
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