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chase the sky youtube video

Hello friends,

I'm Adam 24, I have recorded my song "chase the sky" on youtube and just would like some feedback really.

I recorded this at about 7am just before work on my webcam so apologies I sound and look abit rough. I'm always like that in mornings.

This song isn't finished yet>

The lyrics are as follows:

I won't let this life go to waste
no i'll chase the sky
nothings impossible when you believe in yourself
I want no regrets when I get to the end thats why I'll live my life
And i'll tear down the walls that others build oh i'll chase the sky

I know I haven't allways been in this frame of mind
But from now on i'll live my life
I will chase the sky

the link to the video is here:


Say hello on my music page on facebook

and on my band page
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