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I go to church as regularly as possible. I love my youth group, they are all such cool people. Hayley, I am also proud of you for going to church. One of the guys in they youth group......well, he's not that young anymore, but he stayed with us....but he wrote a song and part of it goes...
"...Change is my healing
Change is my proof that
Searching and trying
I hear you speaking..."

I've thought about those lines alot, and although there aren't many words there, but they really mean alot. I've always wanted to share them....although I did not write them, and I think this is a good time to share them.
Hope you find something in them.
"...My beaten heart is in your hands, What I really need is shelter, And a chance to relearn love, Teach me all over, All over to relearn love, Show me again, So I can relearn love, The comfort of your arms around me, Your tender hands caress my head, I lay beside you, I'm not worthy..."
Relearn Love~Scott Stapp
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