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velocityidp 03-05-2003 01:23 AM

A quick note about Creed
Well, this is just kind of stuff coming off the top of my brain right now, but I just finished watching the Alcatraz videos... simply brilliant despite Scott's vocal condition.

That prompted me to go back and listen to some long-neglected Creed tracks. It just re-confirmed to me how incredible Creed's music really is. Look past the musical talent and originality of the band... there's something more there.... something that can't effectively be put into words.

I'm not angry that other people bash Creed. I feel bad for them! They listen to popular opinion about the band, believe it, and avoid Creed as a rock "boy band" (LOL, who came up with that notion, anyway?).

They only listen to Creed's singles and think that's the depth of the band. Sad. They are really missing out on something unique and special.

Creed fans know what's going on. They were able to surmount the barrier that others have erected around Creed, and have tapped in to something extraordinary.


DangerousDan85 03-05-2003 01:27 AM


JenRN 03-05-2003 09:10 AM

Hmmm... Is this the SAME velocityidp we all argued with over the Chicago incident?:confused: Gee, what got into you? Have you finally seen the light?;) :P

velocityidp 03-05-2003 09:18 AM

ehh... I still don't agree with the chicago incident or its aftermath. I never claimed that incident would hamper my view of Creed's music -- just Stapp's character.

Now why did you have to bring that up?

JenRN 03-05-2003 09:21 AM


Originally posted by velocityidp
ehh... I still don't agree with the chicago incident or its aftermath. I never claimed that incident would hamper my view of Creed's music -- just Stapp's character.

Now why did you have to bring that up?

I'm just teasing you RELAX!!!!! Glad to see you back!:D ;)

velocityidp 03-05-2003 09:22 AM


creeder 03-05-2003 10:34 AM


Bridge of Clay 03-05-2003 10:47 AM

yep! I canīt wait for a creed concert here... so many people will be so disappointed and so many critics from press will shut up!

Dogstar 03-05-2003 03:06 PM

Velocity, long time no see. Welcome back :).

Lucy 03-05-2003 03:36 PM

Velocityidp... well said...
I couldn't have said it better...
People bashing on Creed don't know that they're really missing something unique, special...
Glad to see you back!!


hotforscott 03-05-2003 05:38 PM

Very good to see you back. I know what you mean, those who don't get into Creed and hear the entire album (all 3 of them) are TOTALLY missing out.
By the way, did you ever get a response for all those messages you sent in to Creed a while back????

That was awesome, what you did. I was glad to be part of it.

creedlvr 03-06-2003 02:43 PM

Great post Velocity ...

I agree 100%. People don't take the time to get to know more about the band and the depth of their music. They only go on what they've heard from other people or judge from only the songs on the radio ... (not that those are not just as good!).

I disagree a bit about the "Scott's character" part. A lot of "Scott's character" is what makes Creed who they are. I know he could've handled things regarding a particular incident better ... but oh well... we still love him!

SCOTTSMYMAN 03-06-2003 07:28 PM

Have to agree. It was a great post and I loved everything you said. They do need to be appreciated more for their music but unfortunately they are not. We as fans know how wonderful they are and how their music has helped all of us get through one thing or another. Thank you for your post
:dancing: :dancing:

shane 03-06-2003 08:03 PM

Great post Creedlover

#1creedfan 03-06-2003 10:40 PM

I tip my hat to you velocity!!! I agree with you 100%!!! Scott Stapp has an extraordinary voice. And the musical talent of Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillps!!! I have really turned my husband into a Creed groupie!!! He is a musician himself (a drummer) and he says he really has a lot of respect for all of them. Infact Flips drumset has inspired him to get a new one!!!:dancing:

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