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  1. CNN News about terrorism Attack in London
  2. How are we supposed to believe...
  3. Danger in D.C.?
  4. Do you let Religion dictate political views?
  5. Beslan anniversary
  6. CA court strikes down pledge
  7. Bush!
  8. Guns = Violence?
  9. Sweden Spanking Ban
  10. Swedish church about gayrights
  11. Hiding in the BUSHes
  12. France faces violence...
  13. 50 babies a year survive abortion
  14. Air marshal fatally shoots man at Miami airport
  15. Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts
  16. Who Would You Like to See Run in 2008?
  17. I Met John McCain Tonight!
  18. Iran
  19. God hates blacks, seriously
  20. Tell Congress "No" to the Release of Terrorist Luis Posada
  21. France 'would use nuclear arms' and Osama's Message
  22. Osama 'plug' boosts book's sales
  23. Spielberg's Munich causes controversy
  24. Hamas sweeps to election victory
  25. Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says
  26. Mexican Army Likely Involved in Smuggling
  27. SotU Address
  28. Militants Surround EU Offices in Gaza Over 'Offensive' Cartoons
  29. Haitian Election Protests
  30. New Abu Ghraib images broadcast
  31. Holocaust denier: 3-year jail term
  32. "Americans kill dozens of prisoners"
  33. Forced Abortion on Poor Ethnic Women Proposed in Holland
  34. Bin Laden stays tuned to CNN
  35. No-one else to blame, says Saddam
  36. Teacher on leave after alleged anti-Bush words
  37. Bill To Make Christianity Official State Religion
  38. Guantanamo 'better than Belgian jails'
  39. Being gay no grounds for asylum in Holland
  40. Doctors attack US over Guantanamo
  41. Police battle Sorbonne protesters
  42. Milosevic found dead in his cell
  43. Protests planned for Iraq war's third anniversary
  44. Eta declares permanent ceasefire
  45. U.S., Iraqi Forces Capture 50 Insurgents in Gunbattle
  46. Chavez: U.S. Has Lost in Iraq
  47. Most in U.S. Favor Death if Saddam Is Convicted
  48. Thousands march for immigrant rights
  49. What countries besides your own have you visited?
  50. sources of info, reviews on iraq
  51. Afghans struggle over Christian convert issue
  52. American sentenced for Bush plot
  53. politicalcartoons
  54. 9/11 plotter eligible for death
  55. NY cops go on trial in mafia case
  56. Nepal Violence
  57. Report Raises New Questions on Bush, WMDs
  58. Iran President: Israel Will Be Annihilated
  59. Bush ordering up to 6,000 in Guard to border
  60. iraqi kids...a little clip
  61. Iraq Veteran Speaks Out On War Crimes
  62. The Logic of War Crimes in a Criminal War
  63. New York Times vs America?
  64. More Conflict
  65. A peak in to hell
  66. Pentagon video
  67. How I found myself standing with the Islamic fascists
  68. War-Torn Middle East Seeks Solace In Religion
  69. Bush admits the CIA runs secret prisons
  70. 9/11: Did the US secret services know beforehand?
  71. Beslan Tragedy 2 anniversary
  72. Pope Offends Muslims Worldwide
  73. American political war
  74. Al Qaeda in Iraq to Pope Benedict XVI: 'You and the West Are Doomed'
  75. Remembering Sabra and Shatila Massacre Sept 16, 1982
  76. Anti-U.S. states try to cement accord at Cuba summit
  77. The Western Dilemma in Chechnya
  78. Report that Bin Laden could be dead!
  79. Is Hugo Chavez Crazy?
  80. Massive Anti-Hezbollah Rally Held North of Beirut
  81. Congress passed a bill today to weaken the constitution
  82. An Inconvenient Truth for the Enviromentalist Lobby
  83. ???????????????
  84. Most Iraqis Want US Troops Out Within a Year
  85. This won't be good!
  86. 'Pope protesters' hijack airliner
  87. need views on this matter - Guantanamo bay
  88. ANZUS treaty
  89. Chile's Gen Pinochet dies at 91
  90. Santa wins!
  91. Delusional cooperation
  92. Trip to Canada anyone?
  93. Murtha vows America's defeat
  94. Al Gore's inconvenient truth
  95. An extraordinary site
  96. Is there any honest coverage in the world?
  97. Italy inmates seek death penalty
  98. Environmental irony
  99. Evening news missed this
  100. End of the world again?
  101. root of evil?
  102. Iraq's about to become covered in silly string
  103. Is there NO debate?
  104. The Castro exit
  105. Medical care by force!
  106. George Carlin 1937 - 2008
  107. More media exposure
  108. A political random thought
  109. My Country...
  110. The world is watching now
  111. Obama wins
  112. The Economy
  113. ...excuse me.
  114. between anarchy and antiisraelism
  115. Intelligent Thinkers
  116. Stop Killing Nature!
  117. Creed's Impact on the Recession
  118. Donkeys and Elephants
  119. Obama the despot
  120. My fellow American tax payers
  121. Big Brother (1984) health care
  122. The Truth about Health Care Reform.
  123. Health Reform . Gov - Facts vs Fiction
  124. Transparent administration?
  125. Obama care
  126. RIP Jack Layton
  127. Alternative history
  128. Thoughts on Trump's Speech