Cool Facts

1. Creed was originally called "Naked Toddler." This name came from a newspaper article Mark Tremonti kept in his wallet.

2. Former bass player Brian Marshall came up with the name "Creed" for the band. He got the name from an old band he was in called Mattox Creed.

3. Creed originally recorded their first CD "My Own Prison" for $6,000 and released it independantly under the label Blue Collar Records. Only 2,000 copies were ever printed.

4. The man kneeling on the cover of My Own Prison is Justin Brown, a friend of the band. The picture was taken by Danial Tremonti, Mark's brother, for a photography class.

5. Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti write all of the lyrics for the band's music.

6. When Creed performed their song "One" on the Late Show with David Letterman, they began playing too early - before Letterman finished introducing the band.

7. Daniel Tremonti, brother of Mark Tremonti, creates all of the artwork featured on Creed's albums. He works for Core 12.

8. Scott Stapp's sister Aimee contributes vocals to the song "Don't Stop Dancing."