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Scott Stapp Info On Stapp's Solo Album
Posted on 02-05-2004 at 04:00 AM

Scott Stapp appeared on The Best Damn Sports Show last night and gave an update on his solo album due out by the end of the year:

  • His solo album is coming out END OF THE YEAR.

  • He said he is taking the sound of The Doors and Zepplin, combining it with Grooves that "make your 15's thump in the back" (thats 15 inch speakers that make that thump thump thump hip hop bass sound) and then combining all that and putting his sound and voice over it.

  • He is working with "Seven release" (???) they worked with Ashanti and 50 Cent.

  • He DEFINITELY said he planned on touring.

  • He said he is pursuing his ACTING career. (gave no other info about it)

  • Thanks to Luva from CreedPit for this info

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