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Creed's Stapp Relates To Those Who Benefit From WAWO

Published on 05-09-2001
Published at Launch.com (View Original Article)

-- by Darren Davis

With Arms Wide Open, the foundation formed by Creed singer Scott Stapp, seeks to reconnect the parent-child bond by instituting and supporting programs that encourage healthy relationships and deliver needed services. Projects currently in the works include fundraising through the Orlando Hard Rock Cafe with shirts and pins, Space Camp scholarships, music scholarships for talented but economically challenged students, and a tag-team effort with Stop The Violence.

Stapp founded the organization after the birth of his son Jagger, but he told LAUNCH he also was inspired to form With Arms Wide Open by his own difficult family situation and his less-than privileged existence as a youth. "While I was still in high school I was scrubbing toilets to get my diploma and working as a janitor, which was all good for me. But it wasn't necessarily just high school. The first 10 or 11 years of my life it was just my mom, my two sisters, and me, and my mom working as many jobs as she could to try and feed three kids and keep the family together. I'll never forget my mom. I'll never forget those days."

With Arms Wide Open has raised close to half a million dollars since opening in October 2000. Achievements so far include:

- Raised $10,000 to battle Leukemia and Lymphoma

- Sponsored a Christmas party for the Orlando Coalition for the Homeless that included more than 300 gifts that were both donated and purchased by Creed.

- Placed several Tallahassee and Orlando families into homes. The foundation paid for deposits, rent, and furniture.

- Donated $1,000 to the Leon County Critical Needs Fund to assist children with clothing, medical care, food, housing, etc.

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