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For The Love Of Love

What is Love What Do We Love How Do We Show Love And Grace And What It Means In A World Feeding Up On Black And White And Religion How Can We Love Love What Is Love What Do We Love How Do We Show Love And Grace And Truth Without A Face A Without A Place Who Needs This Place Without Name Who Can Show thy Love And Grace Oh Take Hold And Embrace Thy Loves We Never Blot Out Nor Throw Away All That We Love And Trade It For Saving Grace Do We Sale Our Soul For The One Who Planted Are Loves To We Throw Away And Blot Our First Love Be Hold A New Day For Love And Truth And Mercy To Shine Through Its About Time If Only By A whisper Truth Shine Your Light On Through Slowly Reach Out In Touch The Day Dont You Know We Are All Over Due For Something New if its only within a few words its better than a millon overated false lies and false promises and false hopes Blessed be the seeds of the of spring What is Love With Out Love Do We Throw Away Our Love Our Vison Our Dreams Our Passion And Our Supplications For Heavens Sake God Gaves us are Hands He Gave Us Our Breath He Gave Us Rest He Gave Us Hes Best He Gave Us Love He And He Gaves Us Burdends And Gave Us Mind Whos In Control Of The Air We Breath My Children Let Me Hear You Sing In Anger And In Tears And In Question For The Love Of Love The Love Of Loves Set Free To Sing Like Doves Sing Unto Me All That Tear All That Bleed And All That Question Me And I Will Give Thee Rest The Days Grow Closer I welcome you Heaven does have a night With A Sun That Burns Briter than The Day At Night We Come Out To Play For The Love Of Love The Desire To Protect All That Is Holy Now Make It Perfect My Love Of Loves My Beautiful Song Dont Fear Just Whisper Your Safe In My Arms Who Knows Nobody Forever Rest In What You Love And What You Believe
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