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New Years Eve Show

the show kicked some major ass.

I was standing in line for about 4 hours, i ate dinner in the house of blues restaurant next door, went out back while my sister waited in line.

In the back of the building there were these two sets of double doors and i ran into these two cool guys who were hanging out, one guy was named cory (sp?), and i forget the other guys name (horrible with that stuff), but they were really cool, and we hung out for awhile because we could hear the sound check through the doors.

They played a few things to test the mics then actually ran through most of the set, i think we heard One Day Remains, Broken Wings, Burn it Down, Find the Real, Metalingus, and maybe one or two others, but Myles didn't sing any of the high parts (he was really sick the whole night).

Anyways while we were waiting on line there was some woman and a guy playing acoustic guitars and singing some covers, they were ok, some songs made the wait go faster, and some made it crawl.

Inside i managed to get to the second row of people behind the rail in between where Mark and Myles stand and ended up by another two cool guys who were tremonti fans (not sure if any of these guys post here, but i'm the guy who was wearing the green Miami hat).

I was actually impressed by The Kick, i was expecting them to suck, but they had great energy and interaction with the crowd and there songs were really upbeat. Got kinda weird when the singer kissed the bassist a couple times (on the cheek but still lol), they also covered Fortunate Son (Creedence) which wasn't bad, but he kept flashing a John Lennon shirt for some reason.

Submersed kicked ass, period. I'd actually never heard any of their stuff until that night but they just blew me away. Their drummer actually looks like he could be the kid brother of Mark Tremonti, and he head bangs the same way too lol. Their guitarist Seth is insane (actually both guitarists are very good, but Seth i think was better). There was actually one point where the other guitarist was doing the solo, but they had a spotlight on Seth with the lights out so you couldn't see him playing it which i thought was weird. The singer was really great at interacting with the crowd, overall a very impressive show.

Alter Bridge played a show that i'll never forget, utterly ass kicking. I went and saw Metallica in November, and this topped it.

They opened with One Day Remains which was better than on record. Mark mentioned that Myles was really sick but didn't want to let anyone down (you could hear it in Myles voice when he spoke, but when he sung it was flawless nonetheless).

From One Day Remains they went into Watch Your Words which got the crowd going really well, fist pumping the entire time myself lol. The guys just look like they're having so much fun on stage.

Beyond this the exact order of the set escapes me, but some highlights involve Myles grabbing a New Years hair ribbon thing from someone in the crowd and putting it on Marks head during one of the songs. Michael Tremonti was on the right side of the stage filming and he looked like he was in tears from laughing so hard.

At one point a fan in the front of the pit held up like 3 or 4 cd's and Myles said something to the effect of "Holy sweet Moses, i think she has a cd of every band i've been in since 1812".

During Metalingus someone through a hoodie on stage that had "Metalingus" on the front , my exact thoughts were "he's gonna roast in that thing", but he put it on anyways and the fan who gave it to him said he could keep it.

In between songs Myles asked Mark what his new years resolution was. Mark said it was just to be cool and not let things get to him. Then Myles turned around and said "what about you Willy, what's your new years resolution" (to brian), to which brian replied "to be cooler than Mark". Myles turned around and said "you're doing a good job of that already". It was absolutely hysterical.

Later in the show when they started playing Down to My Last i think Brian either didn't have his bass on yet or it wasn't tuned so Myles just started laughing so they stopped and started again, and then after they were playing it awhile Mark said something to Myles that made him start laughing in the middle of the verse so he said "come on man, you're messing up my game". Then in the part where the lyrics go "i remember your name and i know your face, i can't forgive and can't erase", Myles looks at mark and in a really mocking tone (jokingly, not insultingly) says "he remembers your name and he knows your face (pause)........he'll kick your ass....ain't it great?" Not sure about the last line, but it was really funny.

They also played Highway Star with the lead singer of submersed which was good. Myles didn't sing much (starting to feel the sickness i guess).

They had Edge from WWE there for the countdown to new years which i thought was interesting. Also had those same red sox players that sang open your eyes in the video on the alter bridge site, apparently one had just gotten married (i think this is where the confusion over how many proposals there were started, There was one proposal during submersed's set, and then during the whole new years ruckuss, myles mentioned that one of the red sox players had just gotten married like a day earlier).

Victoria was also on stage during the whole new years countdown, she's definately pregnant lol, but i'm happy for them, they're gonna have one lucky kid.

When the stage went black before the countdown, brian just walks out with a cigarette and champagne and the crowd went nuts, i thought it was really funny to just see him walk out alone like that, but we love him just the same.

They also played Save Me which i'd never heard. I was pleasantly surprised because i had thought it was a softer song, but i was gladly mistaken, it definately kicks ass.

I was also slightly disappointed because they didn't play In Loving Memory which i was hoping for, i even saw Ernie bring out Mark's 12 string taylor, but no dice this night, but it's ok.

Overall the show was just spectacular, Mark was shredding like a madman, Scott was tearing everything up, Brian was really getting into it and held down the groove, and Myles singing was incredible, couldn't have thought of a better way to spend new years.

Again for anyone else who was there: I was wearing a green Miami hat with a green and orange U on the front, an orange shirt, and jeans. Every time there was a silence i yelled out "we love you Mark/Myles".

Definately recommend going to a concert asap, AB was better than Creed and Metallica IMHO.
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Sounds awsome man, to bad there not touring anywhere where i live right now.
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Old 01-03-2005, 12:36 AM   #3
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RUNE, awesome review and thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how this show was. And right on about Submersed! Though, I'm confused about which guitarist you were talking about. There's Eric and T.J. Eric is usually on the right, and he is indeed kick-ass, but so is T.J. They sound better live than on the CD, for real.

Quote: At one point a fan in the front of the pit held up like 3 or 4 cd's and Myles said something to the effect of "Holy sweet Moses, i think she has a cd of every band i've been in since 1812".
That's hilarious!
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Old 01-03-2005, 01:28 AM   #4
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Thanks so much, Rune, that review was great. Man, I wish I could've been there. You don't happen to have pics, do you?
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Rune, thanks for a fantastic review!! I think that it's pretty amazing sometimes that even though Myles' voice (when he's sick) is a bit raspy when he speaks, when he sings it's almost as if you can't tell there's anything wrong. I'm saying this not only because he was sick when we saw him in October and he sounded great, but others who've seen them when he was sick also posted the same thing. Not sure if that makes any sense, but sick or not, he usually sounds very good.
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Old 01-03-2005, 08:37 AM   #6
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Thanks Rune!!! Awesome review!!!

Just for the record: Submersed's guitarists are TJ (rythim) and Eric (lead), aka Erock.
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Old 01-03-2005, 01:45 PM   #7
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Great review. Man, I wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had a blast.
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Old 01-03-2005, 05:17 PM   #8
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Very cool review. Sounds like a kickass show. Glad you had a great time.


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