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Quote: (Originally Posted by Said Eyes) This whole argument started due to a horribly written article.

What Phillips was saying was that Tremonti wrote 60-70% of Alter Bridge's material.

The author has added that little (with Creed) bit and it's made the whole quote quite confusing. If you take out that bit, it reads like:

That certainly isn't confusing. He's talking about Alter Bridge in the first paragraph. I think the writer was implying that Mark wrote the 60-70% of lyrics etc whilest still technically in Creed. But she's done it poorly.

Speaking of which, Weathered's linear notes say "Lyrics and Vocals Scott Stapp", and "Guitars and Bass Mark Tremonti". While I'd have thought that there were times when Stapp was a little blocked, or Tremonti wasn't sure of the direction the song should take, or Phillips wasn't certain on how to approach the drumming, and the other band members (and the whole team behind Creed) helped out, that second paragraph leads me to believe that Weathered was a record written with very defined jobs, that noone was open to suggestions from other bandmates.

It seems all members of Creed are happy with the current situation, so I don't see why there should be divide between Stapp fans and Alter Bridge fans. Unfortunately I've seen it before, when At the Drive-In split up to Sparta and The Mars Volta, a lot of people stuck with one side or the other. Considering I've not heard anything from Stapp (I'm NOT installing Real Audio. No. No. No.), I'm not saying anything, but if the Tea Party are playing the music, it's got to be good! Why can't people enjoy both branches of the Creed tree?

good post but the tea party thing is in the past, jeff martin has said he doesn't want to work with scott which sucks. i'll enjoy whatever both parties bring out but i think many of us now see stapp in a clearer light and many are still angry or at least a little disillusioned.
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Old 02-04-2005, 11:18 PM   #47
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Quote: (Originally Posted by Shadow) Lith, you seem to only have one view of things. Believe what you will. You can't believe everything you read or hear.

Yeah, that's why you should never believe what Stapp has to say.
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Old 02-16-2005, 06:08 AM   #48
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Quote: (Originally Posted by Torn Signs) Stop the constant arguing about who did what and live with AB as the band they are not as the band they were part of! (shakes head) A fact is, he wrote the lyrics now mostly for AB and Flip's happy. That's enough to be happy of over yatta yatta who did and who did and argue babble argue!

Couldn't agree more.
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