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LUCK (short story)

(I wrote this one a while ago... havent done short stories over a year by now -- working on my funky novel)


Simon Norman was a fine worker in his field, so he knew everything about craft of installing satellite dish. Today, just like any other day, he was working on the roof installing yet another dish. And today, just like any other day, one of the infinite tools he used went loose and slipped from the roof. Simon really hated when that happened, because this tool always ended up in some thick bush, and owners of the house always happened to have some kind of pet, which was fond of using that exact bush as a restroom. Also Simon never noticed what exactly had fell so he never knew what was he looking for. The worst part was that it had happened a lot. In cases like that Simon tried to diverge his thoughts from bloated bushes and think about person he was installing dish to. It was a good plan as he worked much slower while thinking, thus prolongating his time on the roof.

Person whom Simon was installing dish today was recently in the news and had managed to make fool of himself on mass media, and now he was getting dish in order to see his own shame on several hundred chancels. Actually he must had ordered dish to watch his triumph, but he had messed up somewhere along the line and dish had hard time serving him any good now. However there was much more to Sam Fertyn, and that was the name of person whom Simon was installing dish to, than making fool of himself on mass media. In order to understand Sam we need to look back at his farther -- Thomas Fertyn.

Now Thomas Fertyn was man with one simple goal in his life -- he wanted to die, and sooner the batter. Nobody really knows why as he was successful and was never depressed, but still death was only goal of his life. But that goal was not that simple to reach, as courage was one thing he lacked, so blowing of his brain was really not an option for him, eventhough he tried that several times. However, persistence was one thing Thomas decently did not lack. He wanted to pursuit his goal no matter what so he joined police force and asked to be transformed to the worst hellhole they could find. He changed over dozen of partners in few months, as they all died, but he was never even scratched. Police did not seem to fulfill his expectations, so as soon as he heard that some third world country dictator was threatening his motherlands tranquility, by killing some people in his own county, Thomas had joined Peacekeepers Corps, and went to straighten out that dictator. War seemed like a very good chance to end his life right there, fighting for his dear county, but his luck did not change, and dictator was brutally neutralized before he had chance to to the same to Thomas.

Thomas felt that depression, which he had never experienced, was creeping upon him, as he failed in his attempts to end his life. But, as it was said before, Thomas was a very persistent person, so as soon as he had read in newspaper that some biochemical labs were looking for people to test their new drugs on, he had singed up. Highly unstable drugs, with unknown side effect, which he got from several labs simultaneously were a perfect way to end Thomas's life, but instead they had made his skin turn greenish, teeth to fall out and also had made him develop a tail, that was later removed. But unfortunately he still was alive. Dozens upon dozens of attempts he made later on, including working with lions in the zoo, messing with big criminals and whores who were doomed to have aids, were unsuccessful, so Thomas had settled down and had written a book called "Suicide 101" -- his own autobiography, which was not accepted by any of publishers as they were afraid that people may try to follow his steps, and their relatives would end up being very unhappy. Now that was the plan, as Thomas hoped that someone would try to avenge death of close relative. But, alas, he had no luck. Nobody really knows, what happened to him afterwards, and if he had finally archived his goal, but it is not important.

What is important is that book that was supposed to be read by millions had found only one reader -- Thomas's son Sam Fertyn. Now one thing Sam decently did inherit from his father was the ultimate goal of dying, and reasoning beyond it was as unexplainable as one his farther had. Sam decried to follow his farther path, and once he had the book it was easy. Hoping for more luck than his dad Sam had joined police force and was soon transferred to same hellhole where his dad once worked. After police force Sam had moved on to military. In process of neutralizing dictator, who had posed unspeakable danger to Sam's motherland, just as his predecessor, Sam still had no luck in dying, but instead had luck in promoting, and soon he was wearing Major applets. At this point Sam decided to diverge from his dad's plan, as modestly high rank opened up new horizons. Sam had moved on to secret forces, hoping that attempts to assassinate another dictator, who was threatening Sam's motherland with his Cuban cigars for many years by now, would end up to be quiet dangerous and hence could help Sam fulfill his old dream. And yet again luck seemed to grace only promoting part, rather than dying one, so Sam had soon ended up wearing Colonel applets. Now that opened even new horizons, and Sam had transferred to Area 51. Just as he thought Area 51 was full of aliens. Sam had taken bunch of pictures with his camera, and decried to give that to mass media, being sure that this would enrage secret service. But luck was one thing that both Fertyns did lack, so media only laughed at Sam, saying that everybody already knows that there are aliens at Area 51, and secret service kick Sam out for being stupid, but had no plans of killing him.

Now Sam was no as persistent as his father, which meant he could stop for a moment and think what the hell he was doing. He figured that had tried enough and maybe its just not his fate to die, and once he thought so world became brighter, and everything seemed to be so much more beautiful. Sam walked home, knowing that as soon as he gets there, he will throw his farther book in trash, and go to bed, and wake up tomorrow morning to start new life, and than... and than something heavy fell crushing Sam's scull. "So is that luck, or usual absence of it?" was last thing brain, smashed by Simons hammer, would inquire.
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troll That Was long Story Haha
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Cool, Lechium. Love the Area 51 stuff, hehehe.
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