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Keeping, It, Down,

7-7-10, Can,t figure out, can,t live without you anymore anymore all though lie to myself and i lie for you, but never like that, on your level, and i lie for you and i lie to the moon and lie for you , as i use to hold you close and tight to my chest and oh i feeeeeeeeeeel the beat of the beast next to mine oh but i woke up today a big bang spoke my name, with just this to share with myself from someone that stills love me who can,t figure it out who can,t live without anymore anymore through he lies to me and lies to himself and llies for mer and lies for you and he hung the moon and the stars and put theme there for you and me, and you ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wants in a while oh just wants in a while he would just kiss theme oh just kiss theme and they would move but oh what i sight to see some of us still stare at the pain you oh the pain you do so we could rest for while , nobody can hurt me the way you do do you have a place for us without your betrayl no did,nt think so but your tear i,ll drink from my palm jealusy always stays you can hurt oh you cant hurt anymore you cant touch anymore ONLY ONE CAN did you miss this oh tell me did you miss this did you miss this Oh How I love you Why do you hurt the way you do but i,ll tell you this IM KEEPING IT All Down In Me Oh Keeping It All Down Me Cant You Stand The Test Of Time I,m Keeping It All down In Me Oh Keeping It All Down In Me You,ll Never Get Enough Whatch Nakedly Without Any Shame I Can Be The One Oh I Can Be The One OR I CAN Play The Fool I,ll Leave That Shot Up To You , Im Keeping It All Down In Me Letting It Burn Right Through Me You,ll Never Get Enough, Keeping It All down In Me Getter Finer Everyday Finer for the lips you scar keeping it all down in me in time can you stand it with me keeping it all down in me a fire birning through you you,ll never kindle or never know from where you cant touch but,oh you,ll need me oh you,need me like they always do, dont ya know its your time my darlin its your time it could be a fine time Are You Crazy ? Or Are Ya Just Blind, i dont see ya either way but can you stand the test of time Oh i know you missed this Oh I know you missed this i,ll play the fool again and make time because my darlin my darlin you your to much of a sight to see when you cry from your eyes, when your heart fades before the sun....its just another alabuy honey we,ve all bought time, use yours well i dont wanna be the bad guy oh dont wanna be the good girl i,ll just be what i,am you can change that you cant help that no more than you can change, it yourself but huney how you miss this , oh you miss this, i,ll show you what beauty is oh how you miss it oh you miss it coming for miles which i could make it easier but i have a life to live, somehow you cant see that through your own anger what you still mean to me and always will still cant live without you somehow why cant you see through that and just move on , keeping it all down in me and let it burn right through me your touch i could never get enough of but it was enough to see our days through, keeping it all down in me a fire burning through me getter finer than wine oh can you stand the test of time oh down in me oh down in me where no one can take your place u know i love you and i always will im no longer your child you can still why do you do do you do you do what you did what have you not learned keeping it all down in me and let it burn right through me , you,ll never get enough never get enough of never get enough never get enough no you,ll never get enough.................but its a fire burning through me you,ll never know you,ll never change it you,ll never be it, you,ll never get enough of it have,nt shared in a while this is from my older stuff, hope ya,alls enjoy it, BLESSINGS AND STRENGETH AND PEACE BE WITH US IN JESUS NAME........... trulys edting mo,s 11-15-10 this is how you know its mine b/c i cant use the editing thingy...my copyright all rights reservered ... loves ya,s now if i wish to share with others, i wont edited my post
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