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want you back with me

I,ve had to much time to make up my mind, never enough time never enough time just to unwind, everything i try always comes undone, i sware to God seven times seven, im so tired of given the devil his due and hearing brother i,ve had rougher than you, My Old Flame Crys For me guess will just have to wait and see if the high heros really take the fall, we,ve all been there yes honey im sure but its who gets back up after the fall, i,m hoping you,ll meet me there, it goes by me....i see a lot of things good but as long i stay better its always back to where you started where the heavens above and everything else stays in to place i say in its place ...my angels dont stck around or back stab me they just sorta hit and miss honey i miss your kiss like when i need need you to be with me you are here but when i feel in and out and thinking i may need to cling, my darlin your no where to be found and this is how the heavens saved me when i thought oh i thought i mite just settle down oh no oh no how , darlin dance with me, oh dance with me show me the ways oh that i,ve missed, like i said but oh now i sing...i,ve had to much time to make up my mind never enough time for me to unwind my oh i miss i really miss my short term memory.... cant you find it for me ...my old flame crys for me or am i crying for my old flame Darlin, i want u back with mde, i want you back with me, where i,ve been latley oh where i,ve been latley makes quting sound good, oh darlin i want you back with me good time good sugar rolling all over me and down my soul oh honey, down my soul.....Oh, baby where did you go OH SWEET..DARLIN ...Oh Ny reason to save...OH MY DARLINE...To Me Oh My DARLINE...just give me time oh time to clear my mind And oh ...I,ll Breathe In deep To give myself time, Oh Darlin to either sing...it out or talk it out...Because I,m All Undone Without Honey Without Without You...Not strong enough to carry this one out, and its still sounding like this............Darlin I, Want You Back With Me I,m Missing This Old Flame Darlin I want you back with me, Well i,ve been with your sister and she just sorta swung and swung in and out my door more that a time or 2 ...The New Pair Of shoes I could Never Get Use To Even when they had worn out,darlin i want you back with me oh darlin i want you back with me, Darlin i want you back with me oh how i miss this old flame darlin i want you back with me ...i miss your old blue jeans and your messed up hair and stanied shirt Oh yes Honey That would be just so so Oh....but i,ll find it So darlin I want you back with me i want you back with me please, please oh im begging you please, do you oh honey you want me on my kness or do you wanna leave me on,em because oh ya know ...i never do leave Darlin I just want you back with me Darlin i want you back with me oh i miss this old flame darlin i want you back with me oh darlin im begging you to come back to me , i want you back with me, darlin darlin i want you back with me Oh please and oh darlin i want you back with me, this one was inspired, bt 2 things, good prayer and real things, and steven tylers stage moves and one of my favorite gutiar players joe perry, Good times the train keeps rolling AND PRAISE JESUS, Joe was in out the hospital, shows are not stopping this year, .... .........hopes ya,alls like it....PEACE BE WIT US IN JESUS NAME....
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