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follow up on 'stapp is sick'

So, you post a thread here that isnt praising creed and it gets locked out...interesting.

actually, a little background on me...i WAS a huge creed fan...matter of fact, i still have a Scott Phillips drumstick and a signed pic of stapp hanging in my office (which is soon to come down). I've always been a PJ fan too...prob bigger PJ fan than creed at any one point.

the fact is, creed was great...but to look back and think that an asshole like stapp was writing lyrics that were completely opposite of his true self tends to make a fan feel betrayed in a sense. It's just good to know there are artists out there that hold true to themselves, much like PJ - which is the root of my praise for that band.

and btw - my head is not up vedder's ass. over the years, i defended stapp when friends/critics would say he was an EV rip off. To this day, i dont believe that stapp is a EV ripoff...i believe his voice is unique and genuine...

still, stapp is sick. a very sick individual with many issues. he would do himself a lot of good if he'd get out of the "me me me" mindset.
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Re: follow up on 'stapp is sick'

Well for one thing you brought nothing new to the board.
We have all already discussed the video you posted. Here's the thread for it:

Also you are an idiot. You've posted all of 2 posts here (this one and the one which was closed) which means you only came in here to cause trouble. You may not have had your thread locked if that had not been your first thread. We are open to discussion here and if had bothered to look at a few of the discussions here before you posted you would have seen that. But your intention was not to start a discussion with some substance it was to start an argument.

Stapp has done some stupid stupid things. I've been disappointed many times over.... but, I believe he might finally be on the right path. He's taken some major blows to his ego. For one, who would have guessed he would open for INXS. I think it was a great idea because it introduces him to another audience but it had to be a major blow to his ego. I believe he has reallized a lot of the mistakes he made and I think we'll see some better stuff from him in the future. I think his solo career has caused him to look at himself. But on another note why should I care what he does with his personal life as long as he keeps producing great music. Do we honestly do this for other artists? I don't. Regardless of your thoughts of the man himself he does know how to write some great music and he also puts on a great live performance. We all grew to love Creed not because of Scott Stapp the man (or Mark Tremonti, Flip, and Brian) but because of the great music they produced.

Let's face it, Being a Jackass right off the bat is no way to start your first thread in any forum. No one will take you seriously. Not even those who agree with you.
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Re: follow up on 'stapp is sick'

If you don't like Stapp that's fine, but why register and post a single post in a Stapp forum for if you don't like him? Your only purpose was to start a problem and that's not tolerated here. Go elsewhere with your ramblings. If you want to have intelligent conversations without bashing the man, feel free to stay.

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