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You know what, we are all creed fans here apparently, thats what this board is all about. Do you think that all of these goofy, ass backwards rumors and all of this speculation that holds absolutly NO bearings is getting any of us anywhere? I don't think so. I think what it's doing is completely confusing everyone. And you know another thing, we all know that michael tremonti reads the posts and is on the forums to give us answers to things we want to know (to a certain extent ). What makes you think that Stapp, Tremonti, and the rest of the band don't get on here and read some of the stupid shit that is said on here. All the SPECULATION and rumors have to be effecting them to a certain degree, and if they are reading this stuff (which i wouldnt doubt) dont you think that you are all driving them apart further than what they may already be? Its COMMON SENSE people, rumors destroy, rather than create, and i think that it is silly and childish to speculate on the personal relationships, or lack-there-of, of the band. Rumors fly around so bad here, and i'm personally sick of it, I think that people should watch what they say about people/bands/creed/alterbridge/tremonti/stapp/phillips/marshall/hestla. All of the rumors about release dates for stapp and for alterbridge, all of the rumors about this persons life and that persons life are meaningless. My advice to all of the innocent people reading the forums, wait until word is given by a band member/close personal friend/relative of a band member, before you start to believe anything. If Mark Tremonti himself gets on here and starts bashing stapp, thats when you believe it, you dont listen to a friend of a friend of a friends personal bodyguards cousins 3rd aunt twice removeds brother, you listen to people like Michael Tremonti, who takes time out of HIS personal life to give us information. How the hell can we all put up with eachother if all we do is fight and fight and fight over meaningless, half assed rumors. My advice to the rumor train, grow the hell up and quit causing problems for the band, because thats all you are doing, you are harming Creed, Alterbridge, Stapp, Phillips, Marshall, Hestla, and most of all, our one COMPLETELY RELIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION, Michael Tremonti. Altered (his screen name) i dont know who the hell you are, but reveal yourself already, because i for one do not believe a word you say, and your secrecy is getting on my nerves. If you actually KNEW something of the band, you would tell everyone who you are. Thats all I have to say!
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Wow, great thread.

Quote: (Originally Posted by tremonti4life04) What makes you think that Stapp, Tremonti, and the rest of the band don't get on here and read some of the stupid shit that is said on here.
Oooooh yeah, what if they do! Hey you guys!

I agree with your post, it's just that this is what happens on a message board. I do admit, that some of the threads that people post really do piss me off, but I ignore them and don't post in them. The board isn't going to be peaceful all the time, theres no way that that will happen. It's just the new members. (Not all of them, but some of them). I have found that the new members come on here, make rumours, tell lies, etc. Then they just leave. I just think we gotta sit thight, ignore everything, and hold out until we get a word from the band.
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