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Re: Kid Rock Sues to Prevent the Sale of the Tape

You know, to be fair, this happened 6 or 7 years ago. Even Stapp has acknowledged that he wasn't living "the right way" during his Creed days. Perhaps since he "re-found his faith" he has changed his view on groupies and the like. Who knows, though.

The thing is, all Christians make mistakes. Nothing can change that; we are prone to sin. Some of us sin more often than others, but the fact is, we all do it. Stapp is under a greater amount of scrutiny than others, simply because he is a Christian who happens to be a famous musician. Thus, he's going to be held to a higher standard than a lot of people. And when he falls down, a lot of people are going to criticize him and question his faith. The thing is, we as Christians don't have the right to judge him. Only one person does: God. We don't know Scott Stapp's amount of spirituality, and it is pointless to even speculate on that.

Does Scott Stapp seem like a hypocrite? Of course he does! But a lot of Christians get leveled with the hypocrite tag because we are not perfect. We may preach certain things, but we don't always practice them, no matter how hard we try. Just a part of our imperfection.

The bottom line is this: he sinned. He continues to sin. We all have and we all will. The only difference is, he's in the spotlight and most of us are not.

P.S. I am not defending Scott's actions.
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