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Re: Kid Rock Sues to Prevent the Sale of the Tape

Quote: (Originally Posted by Trimontana) I get your point Titan. What i find really funny it's that how come Kid Rock or Stapp can't not have control about that kind of stuff, in this case the sex tape, when they really didn't want it make it public. People like them, celebrities at the end of the day or rock starts (like you prefer), can't have power thru their stuff and leave that someone else has a copy of it???. I don't understand that. Stole the original and copy it without the 2 of them didn't notice. That make me thing the person who copied was ultra fast and had superpowers
I don't really care who made it public. If it was Stapp ex-wife i am sure she had more than one reason to do it. And i can't remember who's Kiki exactly....Stapp manager or something?. Well at the end of the day the important thing is that this tape made realize a lot of people about who the person Stapp really is and how he can still call himself a christian....he disguisted me

I'm not a Stapp defender by any means. I think this was stupid thing for him to do. But I have to take you on about what you said about him calling himself a Christian. What exactly do you know about being a Christian? Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect and it certainly doesn't mean you don't sin or make mistakes. What it does mean is that when you do make a mistake you can ask God to forgive you. Non Christians don't have that option. Now... do I think he should live a better life since he is a Christian? Yes. Especially since he is in the public spotlight. He makes stupid mistakes but isn't that something we all do? Whether you are a Christian or not doesn't the following statement make sense: Why do you see the speck in your neighbor's eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye?

All I am trying to say is that being a Christian doesn't make you perfect. Those who pretend they are perfect are mistaken.
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