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Oh yeah, I'm all the way from Sweden, see... But I'm a huge fan, so I went to London to see their show, and because of that they let me see their soundcheck, where they played One Day Remains, Find The Real, Open Your Eyes, In Loving Memory acoustic, and a not yet finished song. We were just about 7 fans who got in to the soundcheck, so I met the band before the soundcheck, and I met them again after the soundcheck. They were SO friendly, I got the feeling they thought it was as exciting to talk to me as I thought it was to talk to them!! They asked me questions as well, it was really a conversation! Guess it means a lot to know you have such a diehard fans from totally different countries.

Mark told me: "Whenever we come to Sweden - make sure to talk to my brother Micheal, he'll get you backstage passes". So I'm the happiest kid on earth right now!!

(I'm 15, 16 in December, if you wanna know my age... I went to London with my famely, who was kind enough to pay the trip. And my mum is a fan, and she wanted to see the show herself).

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