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Quote: (Originally Posted by JulieCitySlicker) Thanks Kerri

I finally had my appointment with a doctor to make my decision about surgery to get rid of the fibroid tumor in my uterus, and I asked him if a laparoscopic hysterectomy is available for me and he said that they do offer it there. A laprascopic hysterectomy is where they do the hysterectomy vaginally and it would mean a smaller incision, less hospitalization, and down time. He did also say that there would be a chance that they would need to do an abdominal incision with this but that would be only if they can't see things vaginally first.

Before we can schedule me for surgery I need to make an appointment at the clinic here in town where I have my family doctor and get an EKG and either a chest x ray or a cat scan of my heart to get medical clearance since I have had open heart surgery just to make sure everything looks alright. Then once they get all of this info faxed over to St V's I will meet with the doctor who will be doing my actual surgery to talk and schedule the surgery.

So, I could be having the surgery within the next couple of months. I am so excited that someone is finally going to help me get this resolved so I can finally feel better and feel hopefully normal again.
i got all ya,s on my out patient Prayer List And I Will Be Happy when ya feel better to julie when you have your sugery i will be playing a trumphet loves ya
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