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The fantasy vault!

OK here we go.... For those who don't want to hear it, then stay the hell out of here, this is for us members who get in those "moods" and want to dream a little!

Who is gonna start!

My mind is dirty tonight, well it is a known fact I love Scott Stapp so I guess I will go.:embarass:

To narrow it down to one fantasy well that is impossible, so here is one of them....
I on countless times have fantasized that I am Scott's nurse, you know giving him a nice sponge bath, rubbing his body in oil and ......well the rest I would get in a hell of a lot of trouble:embarass: So I will keep it rated PG tonight!

"I don't want to know emptiness, take me down to the water wanna be baptized in your love far away from the lonliness, take my heart and wash away the fear let me be baptized in your love"

~Lenny Kravitz
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