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Re: Love This E-Mail I Got

Quote: (Originally Posted by eusebioCBR) ^Well said. He claims Christianity but denies hearing the offensive things said in a church he'd been a member of for twenty years.I call that a lie unless he really never attended and that would be another lie. His former pastor was right when he said of Obama,"he's a politician" and politicians lie.

Unfortunately, Obama has little to no concept of what Christianity is about. Or maybe more to the point, he seems to have no real desire to live his "confessed faith". None of us are perfect, but a true christian who is striving to live according to the will of God would not do or say the things this man does.

You are correct, he is a politician. He's sharp enough to know that the majority of the people in this country are christian in their beliefs, so he "says" he's a christian too. When he speaks to a nation of christian people he tells them what they want to hear (sort of) and identifies himself with them. When he's away from that group of people and speaking to Muslims in another country, he tells them a little bit more of what they want to hear.

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