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Re: Live Videos From Buffalo, NY (8/8)

Hello my friends we meet again...Damn, it's been awhile - had to think hard to remember my password!!

In my opinion, Scott sounds fantastic considering all the s@@@ he's been through.

Some of the remarks on here have been way OTT. His voice is different - to call it 'shot' is greatly exaggerated.

He's been an intense performer now for nigh on 12 years - do you honestly expect any artist to sound the same after that length of time? Scott has adapted his voice to suit the demands of a prolonged tour and he, along with the rest of the guys, have made it work by adapting some of the songs.

If he attempted the same range he did six to twelve years ago, then Creed would definitely come Full Circle in the sense that Scott's voice would become haggard and his health compromised.

He's not 'growling' or 'shouting' now, he's actually singing and this can only be good for his longevity. Some songs sound better, others don't.

I just don't want to hear Scott straining like he did on Reach Out from The Great Divide. A good song and the vocals were perfect for the lyrics, but it's a hard song to enjoy because it sounds so painful.

I'm a huge Alter Bridge fan, too, but comparing the respective front men is impossible due to their contrasting styles. Myles is as good as anyone technically, but I don't think he's the same league as Scott as a performer.
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