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Re: God and Hell

Glory To God Lets Proceed Thou Shall Rest In Saftey Also Thou Shall Lie Down And None Shall Make The Afraid, Yea Many Shall Make A Suit Unto Thee And In Our Time Of Weakness As Many Will Grow With You As To Many Will Forsake You BUT REST IN HOPE That JESUS Christ Will Not Forsake In Your Time Of Need You Will Be Tempted By Others Sometimes And sometimes Alone With The Conflict jesus said even those time of temptation He was still TAKING UP FOR THE WORD OF GOD That Was Coming To Fuifill all things HE SAID MAN SHALL Not Leave By Bread Alone BUT EVERYWORD That Proceeds From The Mouth Of God The Word Tells Us BUT THE EYES OF THE WICKED SHALL FAIL, THEY SHALL NOT ESCAPE And Their Hope Shall Be As Given Up The Ghost. And Job Anwsered And Said No Doubt But Ye Are The People And Wisdom Shall Die With You But I have Understanding As Well You I,am Not The Inferior to you yea knoweth not such things as these i,am, as one mocked of his neighbour who calls upon GOD And He Answereth him The Just Upright Man Is Laughed Scorn He That Is Ready To Slip With His Feet Is A Lamp Despised In The Thought Of Him That Is At Ease , JESUS CAME AND OVERCAME SUCH MATTERS And The SAID HE SHALL BE CALLED THE REEDEMER Of All Things There Is No SPIRTURUAL WARFARE, And If Its Just That He That Died And Arose Again CANT NOT OVERCOME And Did, PRAISE JESUS,
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