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Actually it was said at the FMF when the days were going to be. This came from Jeff Hanson. Hopefully by Sunday there will be a band name. Also Michael posted that within a month (or 3 a cusion here) there might be a single.

Quote: Ok,I just got off the phone with Mark cause this confused me as well. Apparently the first single will be finished in three weeks but will not be released right then. As of right now, 13 of the 15 songs have drum tracks finished. Next, they will fully record 3 songs that they think could be the first single and when finished they will choose betwwen the three. Hope that clears it up a bit.

From Michael @ Pit

The confusion was people unsure of what "Track" meant, if it was like just hte drum track or an actual song.

So it's not being silly

Jeff was very kind and gracious towards us, and had a good sense of humor about things. We also met Brett and his wife Katie that night and he's continuing to work being a Producer and seems to be loving that. He was very kind, and spoke highly of Brian Marshall and the new bands and efforts.

As for if we'll actually get the name Sunday....remains to be seen.
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