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Re: Who wrote the lyrics for the songs of Creed?

Yeah... I didn't know where to find it but I was on my way when I saw this thread. But Orpoher you got here first

If you don't belive Mark then look at some words and how the songs are build up. Like "crown of thorn" is a tipical line for Mark obviosly. The songs in Creed always start of as sad, and they always end happy. Like BW, it starts of like you can't win, the world is full of victims etc but then ends whith med your brothers, take care, life aint over. And if you look at Inside Us All it starts of here as I'm all alone, sitting by the phone to remind me I'm still here etc. Realy sad stuff. But it ends with Mark(/stapp if you like since he's singing) calling you to tear down a wall and show your scars, he's telling you you're no different from anyone else...

Whiles Stapp in Fitght Song he has no kind of structure on the same levle. He just (IMO) blurt things out. He just tells you sometimes it starts like this or that, he wont lie, had to let things go etc. and ends with "It" took him away from all the things he love so he had to let things go etc.
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