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Re: Who wrote the lyrics for the songs of Creed?

Thanks for the responses guys/gals. The question came to my mind when I was listening to my AB cd. I started to reallize that even though I liked the sound of AB I just don't feel the same connection with the words. It seems that with most of the Creed songs and with Scott's new album that the songs have substance and meaning. Besides the awesome sound of Tremonti's guitar and Scotts great voice, the words are what actually brought me to love Creed. You hear so many Creed haters say that they are a Pearl Jam knock off. I think that couldn't be farther from the truth. I will admit when I first heard them that I thought they sounded like a mix of PJ and SoundGarden. As I listened to them more I reallized they were unlike any other band. Tremonti is one of the best guitarist I can think of and, although Scott's voice has the same tone as Vedder's, his words are more understandable. Pearl Jam and Nirvana are what brought me to love this type of music but I can't think of a single song from PJ that actually has some meaning or substance. That's not an insult to PJ its just one of many things that makes the 2 bands different.

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