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Quote: Originally posted by Dogstar
Sheila, best of luck tomorrow. And now that you are in that different personal place (much better, I'm guessing), you won't take any crap from them ! You're right, though, a boss makes a huge difference in your job. I had one early in my working career that drove me and about 25 others out of the place. I was one of the last ones because I just wouldn't let that bastard get the best of me, LOL. Sometimes, though, it can work against you, LOL...I'm a stubborn girl .

Thanks, Dogstar, I apprecite it. And yes, the different personal place is for the better, so you're right they better watch out, LOL!! I'm also a branded (tattooed) woman now and I can't wait to see and hear the reactions I'll get tomorrow. As for the boss situation, I can relate, I have some stubborness in me too, thanks to my parents.:P
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