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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

Creed, where do I begin? This band has had such a huge impact on my life it’s hard to decide where to begin… but, I suppose I’ll start from the beginning of my “Creed experience.” On a winter afternoon in 1999 (late 1999) I was watching highlights of the X-Games on ESPN. During the highlight reel I heard this awesome clean guitar riff (the intro). And gradually as the song progressed Stapp came in singing those moving lyrics “Can you take me higher?”. I truly felt this song was taking me Higher, I had never experienced goose bumps listening to a song until that day. And since that day, every time I hear a new Creed song, I still get goose bumps.

I was 14 years old when I first heard a Creed song, unfortunately I didn’t hear of them until the Human Clay album, but of course I later went back and discovered the beauty of My Own Prison. I was raised in a religious environment, my family wasn’t overly religious, but they were more so than most of my friends parents. They were, however, religious enough to where I was aware of the “rights and wrongs” of life. Being 14 years old, I was just beginning to reach “the age of accountability” I guess you could say. I was just beginning to understand all of this religious stuff I had been exposed to. I felt I had a very deep connection with Creed’s lyrics. Especially in Faceless Man when he sings… “next time I see this face, I’ll say I choose to live for always.” That particular line really hit me hard and made me realize I don’t have to take things as they come, I can choose the right path to take. Creed’s lyrics gave me courage and strength to stand my ground and become the person I wanted to become. They helped me resist peer pressure. When someone would try to talk me into doing drugs I would go home, pop in a Creed cd, and just listen all evening. This was my only way of escaping the problems of life. Without that escape I would have, without a doubt, given into peer pressure. Stapp’s way of writing lyrics and questioning the reason of our human existence really helped stabilize me in knowing that I wasn’t the only confused person in the world. I truly feel that Creed came into my life for a reason, and helped me understand life more so than I would have if I had not encountered them.

But, that’s just the lyrics. The story goes on. Haha. Mark’s guitar playing was unlike anything I had ever heard before. At the age of 14 I hadn’t become a real music junkie yet, but that would all change very soon. Mark’s playing inspired me to get a guitar and learn how to play; soon after I talked my parents into getting me a guitar and some lessons. I was lucky enough to find a teacher that would help me learn the Creed songs without making me play Mary Had A Little Lamb first. The first song I learned how to play all the way through was, of course, Higher. Learning that song gave me a sense of accomplishment I had never felt at any point previously in my life. I quickly went on to learn the entire Human Clay album, and then moved on the My Own Prison. I continued learning Mark’s guitar licks through the Weathered album. Without Mark’s inspirational guitar playing I seriously doubt I would have ever picked up a guitar, I had never thought about it previously, and probably never would have without hearing Creed. Now, the guitar has become my favorite hobby. It has become my way of expressing myself and escaping the troubles of everyday life. It truly has helped me become a happy person. Creed, as a band, has helped me become a happy person.

I remember the moment when I first heard of Creed’s breakup in 2004. I was watching the 11 o’clock Fox News when I heard the news. I was devastated for weeks. I couldn’t believe they decided to separate. Since the breakup of 2004, I listened to Creed nearly every day, probably 90% of the days since then, hoping and praying they would someday reunite and give us fans that amazing Creed sound again. Then, as the rumors began to surface in late 2008 I became even more hopeful they would reunite, and luckily received that gift in earlier this year. I have been on high all year anticipating this new album. I can’t wait to continue this journey through life, with Creed helping to guide my way.
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