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Hey Crest and others,

I totally have a cure for poison ivy. Dead sea bath salts, its made by Beauticontrol.
I get poison ivy soo bad and the doctor wants to give me steroids for it and I cannot take steroids. I have adverse/allergic reactions to them. I had poison ivy when I was pregnant for like 6 months (talk about miserable, you can't take anything when your pregnant)

It's called therapeutic bath minerals. It has salts from the dead sea and it is good for people with aches pains arthirits and skin diseases like eczema. I was soo desperate after weeks of it spreading and using aveeno oatmeal bath (which barely helped) I threw a couple of tablespoons of the dead sea salts in the tub and it was amazing. The itching stopped, the next day it was drying up and was not spreading anymore. Actually the areas were just pretty much fading away. Doesn't dry your skin out or have any harmful ingredients. All natural (god's medicine) Now If get poision ivy, (usually its from my dogs) immediately after the onset of the rash I would use it and I would hardly have a reaction. Seriously, this is the best stuff.... If anyone wants more info let me know. I have turned alot of people on to this and it has really helped them.
I really feel your pain.... I have been just a lurker here for the past few weeks and couldn't pass up this thread. good luck and let me know if you need more info. It really works amazingly well. Good luck, Terry
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