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Quote: (Originally Posted by BigBassDrummer) I agree... but then again, they said the same thing about Brian Marshall playing with Tremonti again
Very true. Just remember all the other bands that have broken up, and eventually reunited.

Led Zepplin
Bon Jovi
Moody Blues
Rolling Stones
Van Halen
Jefferson Airplane
...and the list goes on.

Then there's all the celebrities that left whatever they did, like how Hulk Hogan retired from professional wrestling forever in 1994. Things change over time. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse, but celebrate the good times, and hope that someday it will all work out so that Creed can go on the road again... someday.


Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long
Gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

--lyrics from "One Day Too Late" by Skillet
from their new album "Awake"
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