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Quote: Michaels quote was posted by Frankie, whom I forwarded a PM to (per Micheals request). Frankie would like the person who sent Michael the original post about him - to send him the whole post, not just bits and pieces.

This was not the quote that started this whole subject. I believe that it was posted by creedmom02 at PBF and that is where Frankie made the comment yes sirree bob..... and there was not comment in that thread that said complimentary things about Michael as was stated, nor were there derrogitory except for that one sentence. And the yes sireee bob came after my post of how the press likes to put their own spin on things and I was sure that some comments were either misquoted and left out. So I do feel I am not involving myself in something I don't know anything about, because my post was the 1st or 2nd reply to the comment copied from Michael.

As far as PBF and how they worship stapp, that is my view. I doesn't matter to me if that is how they feel. That is their perogotive (sp?) and their board and I respect that. I like to read the updates on him because he is very talented as I stated before and they seem to have current information. I stay quiet there also, but I do defend or comment what I believe in.

If my whole post was read, I was not trying to start trouble but to avoid it. It's not worth it. PBF has their world that they are looking forward to with Stapps new music and Micheal is excited about AB. My point was, everyone has their own views and lets just look foward to whats to come from ALL.

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