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Re: What don't you like?

Quote: (Originally Posted by VJ Raven) Nah, it's not bad of you TA...

Things I despise:

SPAMMERS!! (banning them is fun though)

People who drive slower than I can walk...

Writer's block (ARGH!!)

People who harass others for no reason

Guys who send me a TON of love letters in MySpace even though I have it RIGHT ON MY PROFILE that I'm happily married!

People who insult my intelligence.

Technology going BONKERS (my one printer and I hate each other).

That's it for now... I don't want to bore anyone with my peeves!! Teehee...
Thank you VJ,ya know you,ve kept a few of those letters women always have tendcies , to keep a whole card, like the spare lipstick in ur purse, dont tell ur old man i said that though b/c thats another i hate is the long speaches one gives....
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