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Scott Interview..

I saw this posted somewhere else.. and I thought I'd share..


Creed's Scott Stapp finds himself alone

NEW YORK, Aug 28, 2004 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- Being a solo artist may not have been what former Creed singer Scott Stapp had in mind.

Still, a decade after he and songwriting partner and guitarist Mark Tremonti formed the popular rock band, Stapp finds himself with a solo single on the radio, starring alone in a music video and sharing the spotlight -- and responsibilities -- with no one else.

"It's different, definitely," Stapp recently told United Press International. "I've worked with Mark and the other guys for so long. I guess you could say the onus is all on me now."

Tremonti also has a new single, "Open Your Eyes," which is in the Top 10 just a few weeks after its release.

The guitarist, however, is not alone.

In a well-publicized split, Tremonti formed a new band, Alter Bridge, taking original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and Creed drummer Scott Phillips with him. He added former Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy to the line up on lead vocals. Alter Bridge's debut album, "One Day Remains," came out Aug. 10.

Fans may have a tough time imagining Stapp and Tremonti apart. Together, the two musicians formed one of the strongest rock songwriting teams of the past decade.

Stapp and Tremonti, who formed Creed in 1995 in Tallahassee, Fla., built a band, and a reputation, on their songwriting abilities, turning out radio friendly, yet thoughtful and intelligent tunes that made the band members stars.

During their tenure, Creed sold more than 30 million albums, won a number of industry awards, including 2002 Billboard Music Awards group of the year honors, and released several hit singles, including "With Arms Wide Open," "My Sacrifice" and "Higher."

The band's third album, "Weathered," debuted at No. 1 in November 2001, proving the rockers were at the top of their game.

While fans wanted more of the same, the close-knit team had already started unraveling, with Tremonti talking of doing his own gig, an idea that first started taking shape four or five years ago, Stapp said.

"Mark was initially going to sing and write all the songs for his project. So where does that leave me? I am a co-songwriter," Stapp said.

"That was something that he wanted, to go out on his own and take the spotlight, because as a singer, you get the brunt of the good and the brunt of the bad, which he'll learn. I think Mark was ready to blossom and step out himself."

Official word came in June of the band's demise, but the split had happened months earlier, with some reports saying the musicians' attempt last November to work on a fourth album ended after several days in the studio because of arguments.

While Tremonti issued quotes via news releases of his sadness at the break up, but his readiness to move on, and openly discussed the split in interviews, often insinuating Stapp was to blame, Stapp stayed quiet.

"I'm not about to air my family laundry and be negative about people I love and have shared so many experiences and memories with. There are people out there who are involved that find it easier to blame somebody else for whatever reason. If there's a particular reason, I'll take the blame. I had a lot of personal things going on, emotionally and physically with my health and I really didn't share that with the public or my band like I should have. I know for a fact that was not the cause of us breaking up, so to speak, or moving on with our solo projects. But what it did was, it accelerated the process," he said.

Without his bandmates, Stapp set out to launch a solo career.

When Hollywood actor/director Mel Gibson came calling with an idea, the project was just what Stapp needed to jump start his solo gig.

Stapp was invited to view a private screening of a rough cut of "The Passion of the Christ," a film that would go on to be the second top-grossing film at the U.S. box office to-date in 2004. After watching the film, Stapp was asked if he would consider writing a song for an album of music inspired by the film.

"I think they reached out to me because a lot of people assumed, and rightfully so based on a lot of the analogies and references I made in my career with Creed, that I was a Christian or that we were a Christian band," Stapp said.

The result of the offer is "Relearn Love," the first single already at radio from "Passion of the Christ: Songs," which will be released Tuesday.

For Stapp, writing the song was about more than getting a cut on the album. "Relearn Love" signified a change of direction for the singer/songwriter.

"I was in the process of a heart transplant, so to speak, a heart change," Stapp said, explaining that during his years in Creed, he had struggled with being a Christian, but started rediscovering his faith about two years ago.

"I felt like my heart was callused and jaded and I had begun asking God in my personal relationship if He would change my heart and make it new, to give again and love again.

"Ironically, I got a call about the film and met with ... Mel Gibson. It was finally like final confirmation. I felt like it was a sign that this was something I should be involved with."

Because of the changes going on with him personally at the time, Stapp had started writing the chorus of "Relearn Love." Watching "The Passion of the Christ" inspired the direction and the tone for the verses and bridge, he said.

Stapp now is in the midst of his full-fledged solo career. He is recording tracks for a new album and brought in Canadian band The Tea Party, musicians he has admired for several years, to back him, he said. A tour no doubt will follow the release of new music.

Whatever Stapp's solo career becomes, he is adamant he will not attempt to make it a Creed clone.

"That's something I would never try to emulate or try to do better because it is what it is. And I think me and Mark together are way better than we are individually," Stapp said.

"As far as I'm concerned, the door is always open," Stapp said. "If he's ever wanting to get back together, I'm sure that's a definite reality and possibility."
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