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Re: Please pray for my sister!

Quote: (Originally Posted by bilal) i hope we all were strong enough to kick all the shit outa our lives, but its good to hear Julie that you sister got rid of him if he deserved just that...... not all shit can be kicked and get rid of .....
AMEN AND AMEN, i can tell ya what some shit my friend just cant no for an Awnser , and get out, Haaaaaaaa BUT WHEN GOD PREVAILS shit dont stay long***well i got something i have collected in my arms hers a littlie imp**And we loves each other My Lit Black Cat ..i guess we were just meant to be...shes a gift from somebody ***and we had a second chance to re kindle our realationship we found her i could,nt believe it was her untill we talked one night, oh shes an imp shes like my little masscot now, her lit soul is back with me AND WE OUR KICK ASS, Her Name Is Miss Perdi , but all though the names change inside we are the same , not this one SHES Speciale, haaaaaaa now she can get ass off my lap hers bites dats my girl,
I Indeed Babtize you with water BUT ONE Mightier Than I Cometh The Latchet Of Whose Shoes I,am Not Worthy To Unloose He Shall Babtize You With The Holy Ghost And With FIREEEEEEEEEE John The Babtist You Never Count Your Money When YOUR Sittin At The Table There Will Be Time Enough To Count,em When The Dealings Done
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